Drunk Illustration Tuesday

Brendan Howells: Illustrator

Anonymous asked: Okay for me personally the whole "offended by people pushing veganism" isn't actually what's happening. I have no problem listening to someone else's views on a subject and hell I might even give it a go for a little while if you're convincing enough but the part that for me gets aggravating is when someone tries to force you to change your ways, who sits there and acts like, I'm right your wrong, vegans rule and if you're not vegan you suck. It the people who go around shoving it in the (cont.


faces of other people and just all around being annoying shits about it. It the same way as religion. I’m not religion, but I honestly don’t care if you are or not, I’m always willing to listen and see how you view your religious ties, I like being educated about things like that but as soon as you start trying to force me or guilt me into changing, or you’re just rude about other people’s opinions that’s when I get offended. So basically like, be understanding that other people view things the same way you do and just be respectful when people ask to drop a subject and you should be fine. Now I can’t speak for everyone and there are people who are just ignorant and stupid and hate vegans because it’s like the “thing to do” or whatever but that’s not everyone. (and I am no way trying to say that you shove veganism in people’s faces or are rude or anything like that, I just wanted to give my side of things)

The comparison of veganism to religion and spreading religious beliefs is not a comparison that can be made for a number of reasons. The main one being, it will not affect anyone else in the world if I refuse to take up a religion. If I refuse to take up veganism then it will affect not only animals but other people, the environment and the ecosystem itself. People will try to “force” you to change your views because there is something extremely pressing at stake i.e. lives, both human and non-human. Rather than compare veganism to religion, compare it to something like anti-sexism or feminism. Would you stand back and say well it’s okay for people to discriminate against a certain sex or gender because it’s only a “belief” that doing so is wrong? 

Consuming animal products contributes to animal suffering and stands in opposition to the idea that animals deserve rights. That is not a belief. That is a fact. I am incredibly understanding about the fact that other people view things differently but not because I think it’s right, because I know the years and years of conditioning that everyone (including myself) goes through to make them believe that taking a life for such a base and arbitrary reason such as personal taste is an acceptable thing to do. The point is, I can say that and people will throw up their arms in a tantrum and accuse me of “shoving my beliefs down their throat” and being rude but it’s not a belief, it’s a fact - one that people really don’t like because it requires that they challenge closely held beliefs and that is a difficult thing to do.

And you are correct, I am not rude, I go out of my way to ensure I am as kind and as approachable as possible. I never bring up a my ethical views out with my vegan blog or unless I’m asked about it (which I am a lot) and when I am asked about it it makes people uncomfortable and they react before they really think about what they say in reply. 

I am aware that some people who are vegan can be rude but that’s no different from the other 98% of the population. The point has been missed entirely. The horrific cruelty that goes on every day and the view that animals matter morally (a view that the majority of people - vegans and non-vegans - hold regardless of whether they act on it) is the point - that’s not a subject I can easily drop. People who hold harmful views do sometimes have to be forced to face them. It happens with every social and ethical issue. If you don’t force people to look and face what they are doing, it is covered up and they can ignore it. When people can ignore a problem it is left to grow. Most of the time it’s not entirely the individual’s fault as we are in a society that perpetuates exploitation as the norm. If there weren’t people out there forcing others to face issues such as sexism, violence, etc. no progress would be made because the worst of it is hidden from our view. It is the same for animal cruelty and if any vegans try to force you to see what you aren’t seeing then that’s why - it is not okay that so many people are comfortable with the death of billions of animals. They aren’t trying to be annoying. They aren’t trying to gain your approval. They are trying to make you see that everything you have been told in your life should be open to question. Our lives are based on a horrific system of exploitation that benefits us only because we are not forced to face it. We are told that we can live the lives we have and that animals aren’t hurt when they are killed for food, minimum wage workers don’t come to emotional and physical harm carrying out actions that would cause us ourselves to suffer, that chickens and cows all live in free-range pastures despite the fact we never see them. All of these things are absurdities that could be toppled if we just took two seconds to think about the illogicality of them. Above all, vegans are trying to protect the victims of this exploitation, the animals (including human animals) who suffer and die every single day, and if all you take away from a conversation regarding these issues is that you feel slightly annoyed that you had to listen to them, you are still completely missing the point.