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Oh, and not to be an asshole

but I’ve been here less than a day and I’ve hit my head on doorways five times already.


I’ve travelled all the way across the world… and now I’m scared to leave the house. Maybe not scared, just not prepared. Ok maybe both. Japan is big and busy and complicated. I wandered for two hours last night trying to find my only friend’s house. With no cell service or Internet and a dying phone, tired from 24 straight hours of travel, I dragged my 80 pound suitcase through the streets of Osaka. I realized why the taxi driver was laughing at me after he brought me, not to my friend’s address, but instead to a sex hotel (I think?). Eventually I found her, but now I wait alone in her apartment while she is off doing a job similar to what I will begin myself in a few weeks. How much Japanese can I learn in 8 hours? How much life experience can I get out of my time here? Did I make the right decision? Who cares. I made a decision.


Le Cycle Passionnel, étude, 1890 Jean Delville


Le Cycle Passionnel, étude, 1890
Jean Delville

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